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My work

A list of all the projects I’ve ever worked on. From personal to gamejam projects. Everything is shown below and updated from time to time.


A simple puzzle plataforming game. Reach the exit as fast as you can while avoiding all the obstacles and using different elements to reach new areas through 9 different levels.

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Dimensional Ranger

(Provisonal title)

Currently in alpha state as it needs much work to be done. Meanwhile you can try this shooter inspired by Yu Suzuki’s classical Space Harrier and leave any comments you might like.

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Outta ma property!

Done alongside MAAP and Álvaro Martín Guerrero the game is our entry for the Aula Arcade Jam 4 and my first time participating in one. The jam’s theme was “This cabin is private property”.

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Solo entry for the Ludum Dare 41 jam with the theme “Combine 2 Incompatible Genres”. Nanashi is a twin stick shooter minigame mashup where the player must clear several challenges with different mechanics.

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Jamingtons 6.0 gamejam, themed “micro”,  you take on the role of a space delivery man with the mission to throw microbes on every passing planet you encounter to ensure life is spread.

Done alongside Sunzoned and Cerociento

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No Escape

Solo entry for the Ludum Dare 42 jam themed “Running out of space”. Surrounded by the police you must resist, taking cover inside a bank that get’s destroyed with every shot until you run out of hiding spaces and must fight it all out. How long can you last in this Cabal like game?

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DiXadu Untold

Ludum Dare 43 solo entry. Sacrifice yourself and your resources on your quest to obtain the cursed game DiXadu. A small 2D game in the style of conversational adventures with some simple dialog battles where you must convice or run away from your enemies.

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Lifeline Loot

Ludum Dare 44 solo entry. Avoid debt collectors for as long as you can while collecting money to keep you alive in a small city where enemies are can appear out of anywhere. Jam theme : currency is life.

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About me

JSD, Javi for short, is the name. Born in 1991 I started out with cheap Game & Watch clones and later a Sega Megadrive 2 that I still own, making videogames a part of who I am. My interest in computers came as soon as I was introduced to my father’s Commodore PC, fact that with time made me interested in computer programming.

My first game was done in the 8th grade in Visual Basic 6.0 and consisted of a simple DRPG. Later came several smaller projects, till the spark reignited back in my 4th year of college, when I did a space shooter as well as a driver to use a Megadrive controller in VHDL as part of a course about FPGA programming.

Since that very time I finally decided to go for a programming career and I’ve been coding ever since. It was not until 2017 that I decided to give Unity3D a go, combining two of my biggest interest, and well, here I am.


  • C, C#, VBA
  • Java
  • Python
  • Linux shell scripting
  • VHDL


  • Unity3D
  • Office Suite
  • Eclipse, Visual Studio
  • Photoshop
  • Git, SVN


  • Spanish
  • English
  • Japanese
  • French

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