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永遠に Alpha

Lessons learned: First jam

So it’s been almost two weeks already since I went to first jam and I’ve had more than plenty of time to think about it. Overall it was a great experience that I would like to repeat asap but not everything was sugar coated. The game jam presented as a challenge itself, one that I might have even understimated at times, but that proved to be just what I needed to learn tons of new stuff.


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…and the site is up!

It took me a while but at last I seem to be done with the site. Even though it’s mainly gonna be a portfolio site where I’m gonna post my games and the usual contact info (email, twitter, linked id, etc.), I’ve deciced to start a devlog as well.

Updates will probably take some time as I first need to get time to work in my projects but if I ever find myself doing something cool or that I think somebody else might be interested in I’ll probably post it. Most posts will be in English, even though Spanish is my first language, so if some serious grammar mistake or the likes of it pops up then you know why xP.

Without futher ado it’s time to get back to work, games are not made by themselves, so I’ll simply leave a gif of what I’m currently working on and call it a day.


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