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Controls (PC/DualShock 4)

  • WSAD/Left Stick – Move
  • Mouse/Right Stick – Camera movement
  • Left Mouse/R1 – Shoot
  • Right Mouse/[] – Build
  • Spacebar/L1– Jump
  • Left Shift/R3(while moving) – Run

About the game

Done alongside MAAP and Álvaro Martín Guerrero, “Outta ma property!” is our entry for the 48h Aula Arcade Jam 4 in 2017 with the theme “This cabin is private property”. My first jam and a great experience overall. Programming was done by MAAP and me, and graphics were mostly Álvaro’s work. Game design was mostly done as by all three of us.

The game is basically an FPS infinite horde game with some tower defense elements, all in a low poly fashion. The player is one of those typical “rednecks” that can be seen on movies trying to protect his cabin in the middle of the woods from an undead invasion. The player’s objective is to survive while protecting his cabin by building fences around it to repeal the undead and shooting at anything on his sights. Hordes of zombies, ghosts, tons of shooting, pick up items and a cool low poly style are waiting for you in “Outta ma property!”

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Note: WebGL might not be the best option to play the game on all computers so if you find your system struggling grab the downloadable version for windows at gamejolt here

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