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  • AD/Arrows – Left/Right
  • Spacebar – Jump
  • E – Use/Grab/Interact with objects
  • Mouse – Point at hookable points and throw you hook with the left click. Press again to release.

About the game

My first Unity3D project and the first game I’ve ever decently completed. Mostly a learning project where I tried to familiarise with the Unity engine as well as with its workflow. Also, the main character is an attempt to work with the Anima2D plugin, an experience that ended up being very rewarding, specially for someone like me without “awesome” art skills.

Game is a simple 2D platformer with some puzzle elements and a simple hook mechacnic where the player needs to reach the exit as soon as possible to get the highest possible score.

Music by Lost Years, check out their work here or support them here, it’s really cool music, in fact, you might know them for the “Hackerman theme” in the Kung Fury short-film. Apart from the music everything else was done by me.

Last updated: July 2017 by JSD